BELIEFT Creates Reality !!

My name is Hardy Loh. For the past 11 years, I've been working a day job overseas with only one goal, to make money. However, after went through all the struggling and frustration, I finally made a decision to choose a new path, in order to go back to my hometown and stay with my family. To do so, I can't be the one I once was. I've to become someone else, I've to become something...else.

Here's My Little Story...

Hey hey hey, it's is Hardy Loh here.

Below is just a condensed version of About Me.
However, I still believe that it will help you to figure out a way out.

I’ve decided to be an online entrepreneur after all the struggling
and frustrated with my daily job in few years back in Singapore.

During high school, I was always a "top three student", from the bottom.
I was a retain student in college and had to spend
extra one more year just to finish my Diploma in another state.
After graduated from college, I’ve decided to leave my country and work
oversea for a day job since there're plenty of job opportunities out there.

I was so naive to think as long as I learned more
and work hard then I’ll get compensated well.
Unfortunately years after years, I realized that was not the case.
It’s not enough if you only hard work, it involved other factors as well.
I realized that was not what I wanted and I was
being retrenched from one of the company I joined.
Gradually, I’ve lost in my career and life.
I've no direction and didn’t know where I want to go.

I've tried different industries throughout the years.
However, all failed and it costs me almost all my savings.
It was so tough where I’ve been under constant financial stress for years.
Worrying about paying the bills & rentals, debts as well as daily expenses.
I had to go back for a day job to sustain my daily expenses.
But I was not giving up to look for a real breakthrough for myself.
As I didn't want to go back to the old life anymore, it was enough.
(I believe you are too, otherwise you'll not be here)

I was blessed enough that I’ve found a mentor who showed me what I did
wrongly and taught me how to become a true independent entrepreneur.
By applying what I learned after 6 months, I finally have my first breakthrough
where I have zero experience and knowledge in the marketing.
The second and third breakthroughs were also followed.

I realized that having a right mentor is vitally important!
He has shorten the path of success by showing me
what need to be done and what I shouldn’t do.
Yet not much mentor out there will tell you about it.
How I wish I could found a right mentor years ago.

For the last 15 years, my mentor have been showing people on how to
create a real and long term breakthrough in their business, income and life.
I did learn a lot from him in terms of building a solid business online,
mindset, online marketing, how to get traffic, strategies, etc.

My mentor has created many best-selling programs.
It helps many people create success in their business
and life across 100+ different countries in the world.

Nevertheless he's still noticing there're tons of people are struggling.
Due to there're a lot of hypes, “another program“, "get rich quick schemes",
information overload, overwhelming and confusion out there.
Therefore, he created a free training guide called "7 Steps to Freedom".
I personally get tons of benefits from it after went through all of them.

If you’re sick and tired of all the life above and really want
to learn something solid without overwhelming and confusion,
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I truly hope that this could help you and probably changing your life 😉👍

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